Cling Film

Video 10'40'', Sound, Flatscreen, Ceramic Tiles, PVC, Stainless Steel, Velvet, Exhibition Views: MFA Show, Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design Tel Aviv ---

In the video installation “ClingFilm” the artist examines what is transmitted unconsciously across generations. Using her grandmother’s photo album as a starting point – an album which shows arrangement of sausages instead of family portraits – she finds links between passive memory and the meat industry in postwar Germany. This video is set in a recreated slip-resistant flooring and white-tiled walls resembling a 1960s German butchery.And so through strategies of enlarging, reproducing and scanning, the artist investigates the potential of photography to carry an unknown past into the future and its close relationship to slaughter and death.

6_Julia Schaefer_ClingFilm (Videostill)
0_Julia Schaefer_ClingFilm (Videostill)
3_Julia Schaefer_ClingFilm (Videostill)
7_Julia Schaefer_ClingFilm (Videostill)
2_Julia Schaefer_ClingFilm (Videostill)
4_Julia Schaefer_ClingFilm (Videostill)
5_Julia Schaefer_ClingFilm (Videostill)
1_Julia Schaefer_ClingFilm (Videostill)
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