Have you seen my lips?

2018, A/V-Performance, Kunstgebäude Stuttgart, with: Jonas Bolle, Susanne Brendel, Timm Roller ---

“I’ve been scared of the sky since I was little. I had a nightmare when I was a kid where I was floating underwater in the ocean and all I could see in every direction was just blue forever, and it really freaked me out. I do experience it while driving as well, generally in very large open roads where there is no close tree line or buildings. just flat ground. It’s terrifying, I always want to grab onto something tight because I really feel like I’m gonna fall.”


“I generally can’t go to the beach anymore which sucks. whenever I am laying with my girlfriend in a field staring at the sky, or at night when the stars are out, pretty much any time I stare at the sky for more then 3 seconds, I get a horrible sick feeling in my stomach and a very intense vertigo feeling like I’m gonna fall up…”